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How can we design better technologies with research in mind? This paper summarizes decades of research for those who are interested in designing or investing in technology supported products that focus on social emotional learning, school culture and school culture.

The purpose of this report is to provide a research synthesis about the expanded definition of student success that can be leveraged by EdTech developers, investors, and enthusiasts to support research-aligned product development and adoption. Although research on EdTech lags significantly behind the current interests and needs of the market, there is much relevant research about social emotional development and school climate and culture that is applicable to the design of EdTech tools. Drawing on over 100 publications, this report introduces 6 levers for supporting student success, each with 2 critical research-based findings.

Suggested Citation: Zielezinski, M.; Franz, P.; Thibodeau A. (2020). Optimizing EdTech for an Expanded Definition of Student Success: A Research Review for EdTech Developers. MBZ Labs.

Only have a minute? Head to pages 5-6 for a snapshot of the findings.

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