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A New Paradigm

If you have an EdTech product, your efficacy work is never done.

We are spearheading a movement that pushes beyond the “checking the box” approach to EdTech research. In the past, it made sense to wait until a product was complete before evaluating its effectiveness, but in today’s world- the learning landscape is constantly evolving and products are too.

We encourage those in the EdTech industry to start gathering evidence of effectiveness early and add to it often in order to build an efficacy portfolio that evolves throughout their product’s lifespan. If you have an EdTech product, your efficacy work is never done. We empower funders and decision makers to understand existing research, and apply this knowledge to inform strategic investments.

We believe technology should be designed to meet the needs of all learners, improving the quality of education for students of all ages and backgrounds. We’re leveraging our experience in education research and technology design to make that vision a reality.


Great products are created through iterative rounds of improvement, and effective EdTech tools are no different. We specialize in a range of research strategies to assess your product’s efficacy, helping you to make valuable improvements at any stage of development.


We immerse ourselves in existing learning sciences research and synthesize it for non-academic audiences, generating actionable insights that EdTech industry professionals, funders, and practitioners can use to make exceptional products that lead to tangible outcomes.

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