Research services for EdTech professionals that are fast, friendly & focused on business value

We research EdTech & translate findings into actionable insights for industry professionals, funders & decision makers.


Academia, industry and educators don’t talk to each other often enough and when they do, they speak different languages. We speak the language of all three and translate vital information across these boundaries for the benefit of the EdTech community. 


Traditional approaches to education research are out of sync with the needs of the EdTech industry. With a fast-paced, flexible approach, we deliver quality research services drawing on methods from the learning sciences, human-centered design, user experience research and more. 


Figure out what’s actually (quantifiably) moving the needle with your users. Our independent third party evaluations measure impact for clients and communicate results with custom assets for funders, decision makers, customers & educators.

Experts in Learning Sciences, Technology Design & Education Research

Molly b. zielezinski

CEO & Founder

Paul Franz

Director of Research

Amanda Thibodeau

Director of Knowledge

Kate Whitney

Research Assistant

Our Skilled Advisors

Tonika Cheek Clayton


Dr. Karin Forssell


Sara Romero-Heaps


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