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MBZ Labs

Bridging technology, research & practice

What we do

MBZ Labs helps clients transform education. We provide research and evaluation services, strategic consulting, workshops, and resource development to support technology companies, funders and education organizations. If you wish to understand and deliver the what, how and why of truly modern teaching and learning, MBZ Labs is here to help.

Our work spans three domains that are highly relevant to the conversation on 21st century education:


  • Efficacy & Evaluation Research
  • Learning Sciences Research
  • Conceptual Framing & Logic Models
  • Multi-stakeholder Implementation


  • Technology Design
  • Technology & Equity
  • Technology for Learning
  • K-12 Digital learning ecosystem

Essential Skills

  • Design Thinking
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum

Our Clients

Why MBZ Labs?

MBZ Labs works with a wide variety of K-12 education stakeholders which allows us to quickly & confidently translate across sectors to enrich your understanding of all the players in the K-12 ecosystem.

We are problem-solvers! We can help with your needs related to the future of education. Whether they are about deepening knowledge, research, professional development or strategic planning, we are here to help.

We build background for clients, drawing on decades of education research, industry reports, market trends, & a robust network of innovators and experts.

We deliver custom talks, workshops, professional coaching and asset-based projects related to using technology for teaching & learning, best practices in teaching, efficacy research, UX research & more.

Get Started

Let's have a conversation. Contact us below to find out more about how MBZ Labs can support your organization.